"Onze passie is om jou de kracht van je stem te laten ontdekken want wij weten wat een groot effect dit heeft op jouw hele persoonlijkheid


Ben jij hoog sensitief , of juist te praktisch, en wil je uit je hoofd en in je hart. Wil je verder groeien met je persoonlijke ontwikkeling. Durf jij uit je comfort zone te stappen. En wil je graag je oer geluid ontdekken en jouw Heart Song zingen.

Ange Beau (Angelique Beauvence) Oprichter van de Voice Yoga Academy is een Voice expert. Zangeres Songwriter, Producer, Visionary, Motivator, Vegan, en Oprichter van de Hearts for Horses Foundation (Een Forever Home voor paarden in nood)

1e prijs winnaar Best Singer/Songwriter Pop & Rock contest in Hamburg.

Succes en transformatie coach, die talloze mensen heeft geholpen om de kracht van hun stem te ontdekken en hun creatieve talenten te ontdekken en ontplooien middels haar Voice Coaching, Theater Producties, live coaching, theater voorstellingen, seminars en optredens.

Haar songs worden door Tv en radio voor verscheidene doeleinden ingezet.

Door haar werkzaamheden in Amerika, Hawai en samenwerkingen in The Hollywood Music Culture ontwikkelde ze nieuwe mooie projecten.

Ze heeft Veggie healthy food boeken geschreven en deze zijn wereldwijd verkrijgbaar. Ook is ze de oprichter van een paarden foundation.

Ange traint paarden die een slecht verleden hebben, zodat ze weer vertrouwen in zichzelf en de mens krijgen. Ange laat zich leiden door haar helder voelen.

Samen met mijn Team helpen we jou om de kracht van jouw stem te ontdekken!


I am Ange Beau founder of the VOICE YOGA ACADEMY Voice Expert, Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Coach, Motivator, Visionary, Optimist, Vegan, Creator and Horse Foundation owner.

My passion is to let you discover the power of your voice. Because I know what effect this has on your overall personality. I am aware in life and use my intuition and clairsentience to bring people closer to their self.  I have a lot of experience in providing guidance to people (and horses) . As a Singer Songwriter I won the First prize in Germany as best Singer Songwriter. I have performed Worldwide on many stages, as theaters. My Own Music is stil worldwide available as on my Singer Songwriter/Producer Website. 

Your voice is your blueprint for your own unique personality, your strength, your talent. Your temperament and your passion.

Together with my team we help you with this.

So you can confidently discover the power of your voice step by step.  You discover your heart voice that resonates with your personality. Because your voice is not just a voice. It's your voice!

And we help and guide you to Sing & Speak with Freedom

When we stop believing we no longer are singing our song. Sing your Song no matter were you are


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  • As a yoga teacher, I thought I knew everything about relaxation. But this course has awakened me again. Discovering the power of your voice and the impact of these exercises had a huge impact on me. So many emotions came loose and at the same time I became so happy with this. I experience it as very liberating. It is indeed speaking and singing freely and happily. This allows me to give more depth and content in my yoga practice.

Yes Let's do it, just start! Mirre vd Veer 

As a child I wanted to sing, but it never came. There was always an excuse. But now I went into action! I really want to follow this course. It is the best gift I have given myself. The coaching and accompanying voice of Angie is so empathetic and involved that I quickly gained real trust. This allowed me to really continue. To really give myself that quarter of an hour a day brought me into balance and gave me more focus. As if I literally ended up in a higher vibration. I feel so happy with this choice and discover that my voice is really worth it. My self-confidence has grown tremendously.

Thanks Angie , voice yoga rocks! Petra, Business Adviser coach


The 'I am light' Empower your voice method is a must for everyone. It gives you peace and relaxation.

The pressure falls away to think that your voice or voice is not good enough. No difficult theories, but wonderfully clear. You can really feel that it is moving you inside. I did not know that the effect of my voice could set vibrations in motion, which loosened so much from me. I also feel healthier and really happy. I am very happy to discover this. Especially because it works through to my customers. In my field I work with health and to be able to pass on these techniques and insights to my clients gives us a lot of added value.

Yes de 'I am light' methode van Angie.

I am  fan! Gabrielle, happy health coach

10 insights on how your voice is your roadmap to succes